JMood 016

  1. Never Can Say Goodbye (Clifton Davis) 6:20
  2. Pilgrim (Lackner/Nievergelt/Perkins) 7:50
  3. Blue Bamboo (Yunnan Folk Song arranged by Roberto Magris, TriesteLand Music/ASCAP) 9:12
  4. Another More Blues  (Roberto Magris, TriesteLand Music/ASCAP) 5:13
  5. Song For An African Child  (Roberto Magris, TriesteLand Music/ASCAP) 7:56
  6. Blues At Lunch! (Roberto Magris, TriesteLand Music/ASCAP) 7:49
  7. Vse Najlepse Rozice / All The Most Beautiful Flowers (Slovenian Folk Song arranged by Roberto Magris, TriesteLand Music/ASCAP) 4:02
  8. High Priest  (Andrew Cyrille) 6:23
  9. I’m Glad There Is You (Jimmy Dorsey/Paul Madeira) 9:19
  10. Stella By Starlight (Victor Young) 9:32
  11. Audio Notebook 2:59

Total time: 77:01


ROBERTO MAGRIS – acoustic piano

DOMINIQUE SANDERS – acoustic bass


PABLO SANHUEZA – congas and percussions



ART DESIGN: Abe Goldstien

PAINTINGS: Giovanna Bissoli

PHOTOS: Jerry Lockett

ARTIST MANAGEMENT: PCAMI* Paul Collins Artist Management Services   


# 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 recorded on September 29th, 2015, at Chapman Recording Studios, Lenexa, Kansas, USA. Recording and Mixing Engineer: George Hunt

# 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 recorded on November 1st , 2016, at Chapman Recording Studios, Lenexa, Kansas, USA. Recording and Mixing Engineer: Robert Rebeck

Mastered by Aldo Borrelli at Audiomaster Studio, Cologno Monzese, Milano, Italy

Audio Notebook: Paul Collins

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JMood Records is pleased to announce the CD release of “World Gardens” by The Roberto Magris Quartet.”

 “This music remains rooted in the jazz tradition. It uses the modern jazz idioms, but, will move in different directions as we match some African type rhythms with some European melodic concepts and harmonies, Asian sensibilities and classic scales although we stir up some pop and rock references that include present urban experiences to reach a sort of modern jazz melting pot. A beautiful concept and appropriate title,” says jazz impresario Paul Collins, JMood Records. “As we accept one another and cultures from around the world, we will once again see a burst in innovation and creativity!  A beautiful…World Garden!”“We are not monarchs or emperors from the past,” Paul Collins continues, “so, we can tear down those walls physically, mentally and musically to enjoy all that life has to offer.  This is not just pie in the sky! Roberto and I have both experienced walls torn down physically in (Europe) and mentally in (America). ““Afterward, there was a burst in innovation and creativity! Now we have radios, T.V’s, cell phones, computers, cars, trains, planes, spaceships, and this great jazz music, as people endeavor to explore and connect to the wide world within our reach.”    

 JMood Records…A Sound Choice™ is an independent record label based in Kansas City, Missouri. Its mission is to create great music with audio clarity and compelling art.  It looks at a world view that will create space for the label to thrive, revel and compete with its own success.  Each composition is hand crafted and the artists are selected for their musical talent, potential and contribution to the whole, which makes the music, burst with life! Our products follow similar patterns of other successful and creative types, artists and entrepreneurs around the world. They are envisioned from beginning to end as a whole, as if each product is alive in our hands and fingers as we welcome it! Our products are available worldwide, on our website at, CD, Pandora Radio, and where fine quality audio products are sold around the world! Buy us.


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