Irvin T. Collins, Sr. was the beginning of the musical interest and legacy of JMood Records. 

As a classically trained musician and music educator, he first started by attending and graduating from 
Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri. This was a university started by soldiers after the Civil War 
to help educate African Americans in the State of Missouri. 

The renowned music professor O. Anderson Fuller was recruited and hired by Lincoln University for the 
music department after becoming the first African American Dr. of Philosophy in Music in the USA! 


My father, graduated from Lincoln University in 1949 under the tutelage of this renown music professor. 

After continuing his musical, and secondary education (Masters Degree in Music and Masters Degree in 
Secondary Education from Virginia State University in Richmond, Virginia and Kansas University 
respectively) the Elder Collins moved his family to Kansas City, Missouri after being hired as a secondary 
education teacher in the Kansas City School District and chose to be close to relatives and his original 
home in Warrensburg, Missouri. 

With a wife and four children in the home, Mr. Collins settled for side gigs in and around Kansas City in 
dance theatre, classical and jazz performances, verses travelling over the road as a musician. 

To follow his passion for music and to make use of his music degree, he began a music studio in the 
home and would teach neighborhood children and adults theory, site reading and instrumental music. 
He did this up until his death in 1976. 

Since the writer of this history did not pursue music performance, he has since developed administrative 
and management skills and has pursued music management and music production as demonstrated on 
this site.